Be A Leader

LF TradeSync® lets you monetize your trading by allowing paying subscribers to follow your trades in their own accounts on an automated basis.

You focus on trading; we’ll handle the rest.

Build Your Trading Career

World Cup Advisor’s proprietary LF TradeSync® technology lets you monetize your trading by allowing paying subscribers to follow your trades in their own accounts on an automated basis.

You focus on trading; we’ll handle the rest.

How AutoTrade works


Trade From Anywhere

Trade your own account as you would normally. You aren’t managing the accounts of others, nor are you responsible for billing. Since you’re not managing customer accounts, you are not required to be registered as a CTA or any other type of money manager.

Develop a Track Record

The first step is to develop a track record. We will track your performance and provide tools to display the performance to prospective investors. 


Investors Evaluate Your Performance

Potential investors can create a free login to view past performance. Live trading is not shown to non-subscribers. Licensed brokers will help prospects evaluate performance and open a trading account to begin following your trades.

Followers Mirror Your Trades in Real-Time

Investors can open a trading account to mirror your trades in real-time. When your account trades, followers take the same trade at the same time and at the same price – automatically. They don’t need to take action on signals or watch their account waiting to trade.

Block account
Notification performance

Trade Notifications Are Sent

(Optional) The leader and followers are notified that the trade has been filled. Followers don’t need to act on this notification. The trade has already taken place and is in their account. They can check their account as little or as often as they want.

You Earn Revenue From Each Follower

Followers, or “subscribers”, pay a monthly fee to the leader for each unit. A unit is a 1:1 matching of the leader’s account. 

For example, if the leader has a $20,000 account that trades 1 contract of the E-Mini S&P 500, a subscriber may elect to trade 2 units of the program. They would fund their account with $40,000 and pay 2 subscription fees. When the leader trades 1 contract of the E-Mini S&P 500, the subscriber would trade 2 contracts.


Take Your Trading to a New Level

What you earn is up to you. We provide the technology and you provide the talent. Each investor can invest with more than one unit and the total number of units traded will depend on various factors including performance, drawdown, investor interest, market liquidity, and other factors. 

How Much Can a Lead-Trader Earn?

Start Your Journey

Open A Trading Account

Open a trading account with an approved broker.

Demonstrate Risk Management

Trade with manageable risk parameters that are effective in various market conditions.

Show Consistent Profitability

Establish a track record with consistency and profitability.

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Trading futures and forex involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. 

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